The best 7 SEO/Keyword Tools

The 7 best SEO/keyword tools

Keyword tools are online tools used by bloggers and digital marketers to find the best keywords, that's matched for their business/blogs and help them gain web traffic

In today's world, making money online requires that one is writing content that is search engine friendly, good keywords and also providing value to the end user/readers. Hence causing more stress to bloggers and marketers to find the best keyword to use for their blogs or site to rank number one on the search engine but still craft a good piece of writing...So as maddening that can be, in today's post have listed the best 7 SEO/keyword tools that will help you overcome and also gain web traffic.

Here you go the best 7 SEO/keyword tools

The first one am throwing in is a plugin one can easily install on their browser (chrome or firefox) and that's what makes it a powerful keyword tool, with keyword everywhere plugin installed, one will be able to see how often a word is typed on any search engine like google, bing, including eBay etc on a monthly basis, thereby giving you one more insight on picking the right keywords to go for when crafting a piece.

This is one of the most powerful tools to go for when it comes gaining more insights on keyword analysis. Kwfinders allows you to look at the number of searches a certain keyword has on a monthly basis, the blogs are ranking for the words, alternatives keywords. Apart from that kwfinder offer other different tools for blogger and digital marketers like Search checker, link miner...

Another classic on this list is pagezii a powerful tool I personally use to scan any post have written for good keyword placement and SEO/ image analysis of the page. This tool also notifies you in areas where your post is not doing fine, giving a detailed clue of why you are not ranking in google search engine.

Are you looking to find out how many times a certain keyword is searched or typed in google search engine well look no further, because  Ubersuggest  is the keyword tool that you need has it gives clear analysis  of how many times a word is searched in google and alternative or related keywords which even ranks better the input keyword and the best part is that its totally free...You may also read about the 9 most effective ways of getting backlinks..

SEMRush is a tool that is specific to finding profitable keywords. We're living in a time now when SEO, is at the forefront of a successful blog. SEMRush is a program many new and older bloggers are using to optimize their sites, create the content their audience wants and create a better experience for their visitors.

Do you want to find out what's trending on social media, which article was highly shared and on which social platform was it trending? well, then this is the keyword tool you should be using, Buzzsumo track record of the posts that are trending, who shared them and the keyword phrase or title of the post. it a great keyword tool for checking competitors post.


7.Google Search Console
Last and not the least my personal favourite and one of the industry's best google search console, this is an amazing free keyword tool by Google that helps one to submit posts the search engine, get your site indexed as well as check for errors on your website...

OK that's it, these are personal secret,the best 7 SEO/keyword tools to help rank better in search engines