How to add/install Adzlink to a blogger or BlogSpot and wordpress

How to add/install Adzlink to a blog on google blogger or BlogSpot.


How to add/install Adzlink on google blogger or BlogSpot. Adzlink is a new social network and content distribution program that has come on board with quite extraordinary services. The program is currently offering publishers an effective way to earn extra passive income and helping blogger earn more even from users who have installed ads blockers, which make bloggers lose money year after year by simply installing the Adzlink script on their blog.

Note:  Adzlink does not work with sub-domain but custom domain, so get one it cheap at

So how does one install the Adzlink to their BlogSpot platform?

   Here is the step by step guide for BlogSpot, who are facing    some problems

·   Step 1
 Login to blogger and go to theme and click edit template to access template code… 

step 2
Inside the theme code search for opening body tag  by simple pressing ctrl + f and click enter

Step 3
when you find it go to adzbuzz and press on profile select setting from the drop-down menu the comes

Step 4
 Then in the menu that comes choose publisher and enter the web URL or web address exactly has it is in the pic below and press get the code, 

a pop will come and only get the top code, the one marked in red

Step 5

and paste it blogger under the body that you found in step 2 AND don't save yet, move on to get the next code, after you get top code click close and scroll down and press one of these three options like in the pic above and press get the code

 Step 6

another popup menu will appear with two code, take the first code and paste it under open body tag and save template or theme and the second code copy and paste via layout add gadget...

The LAST step save everything and then that simple you are done, face any problem feel free to comment 

For Wordpress
For bloggers that are using WordPress platform simply download a plugin and follow the simple tutorial provided on the main page on Adzbuzz