How to make money online in Africa and Zambia

How to make money online in Zambia (CRYPTOCURRENCY)


How to make money online in Africa and Zambia. Earning online for Zambian bloggers, African bloggers seemed like an impossible thing a decade ago and it's still to others, but with the latest trends in technology, things are beginning to brighten up has there is a good number of  Zambian bloggers learning the whole process and  might be the first or second pioneers of blogging and making money online in Zambia..... But While blogging may seem a bit tricky for the ordinary Zambian I stumbled something that everyone with a Smartphone could get started with and make money online risk free,,,,,,,,, Adzbuzz (Cryptocurrency).....

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So the BIG Question is? What is cryptocurrency and Adzbuzz....

Cryptocurrency is the term that is used to refer to digital currency such a bitcoins, adzcoins that can be used to obtain certain things or can be exchanged for real notes or cash while Adzbuzz  is a new social media platform that offers a wide variety of features that can’t be found anywhere else and allows members to earn coins called adz coin:

How do I earn money on Adzbuzz

Firstly you have to join and as a member benefit from the following:

Members or users can earn more coins (which means more money) by creating communities and adding more members to the communities and also note that communicates are based on blogs or websites, not topics, this is so has to also help bloggers and publishers gain more web traffic. 

2. Be Active
Another way members can earn more coin is by logging daily and voting posts/articles in-group/communities up or down based on opinion or interest and leaving a reasonable comment, note-fake comment like 'great post' is not allowed or your earnings will be reduced. (More activity in the community means more earnings)

3. Referring more people
You can also earn coins by asking your friends, family to join this network, the more referral you get the more earnings you get.

4. Add the adzlink to your blog
For bloggers/publishers, you can more by add the adzlink to your blogs read this

SO basically this network pays you for the very thing you do social media sites like Facebook, twitter, google plus etc... But you won't be paid cash, but in adzcoin a crypto-coin that is gaining value. Currently, the coin value is at $0.04333 per coin, which means from the 400 coins I have 400*0.04333=$17.32

Update: This network has been moved to Buzzex with more interesting features.

How does one join Adzbuzz, it's free click this link, you are in and sign up with your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter.