How to get Google Adsense Approval in Africa, Asia and Zambia

How to get Google Adsense Approval in Zambia

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How to get Google Adsense Approval in Africa, Asia and Zambia.  This is a step by step guide on how to get Google AdSense approval in Africa and Zambia, as a Zambian blogger you would want to make money blogging and that's were AdSense comes in.  what is Google AdSense and how does it work, Google AdSense is cost per click advertising network, that allows bloggers and publishers earn money online with their blogs by putting up ads on their blog and Google pays them based on the number of clicks that were performed on the ads……
So the big question is how does one get AdSense approval because the network is known for rejecting a lot of blog…….i also got rejected about  3 times before I got my approval.
Well long ago AdSense was easy to get but over time with the increase in spams blog Google changed their policy and made a bit strict to get AdSense approval, why because of their care about their advertisers and their ads are quality, so the following are the requirement one needs to attain before applying for AdSense.

1.Custom domain

Go get AdSense approval nowadays one needs a custom domain. A custom domain makes your blog look professional and people take you seriously with your blogging as compared to subdomains, it also increases your chances of approval than with a…. In fact, subdomains are not allowed in AdSense except, which also has small chances and even when you get approval it is a hosted account which will require another submission for approval.

2.Clean Theme or Design

Get a clean, simple but classic theme, google AdSense hate theme that is poorly coded because they make content appear clustered hence chasing web visitor that may potentially convert, so take time and effort to look for a simple theme that will display content and ads very well. also how to make blog on blogger

3. Adequate content (30 unique posts)

Have heard of people or bloggers who have been disapproved due to insufficient content, in fact, I got my AdSense approval after reaching about 30 post, of course, this country to country, have also heard of the blogger of got approval with 3 post (USA)…..All in all, there should be enough content of your blog that is not copied from other blogs and each article should contain at least 600 plus words.

4.No pop-ups

AdSense has a strict policy concerning pop ups because they disturb people experience while on your blog hence leaving the site without clicking on ads. So my advice is there should be no popup/ pop under on your blog, I recall once been rejected because of a Facebook pop up like the box, I only got to know about this after I asked some blogger to check through my blog.

5.No Other ads

Google AdSense hate competing with other ad networks more especially low-paying ads, so the moment they spot other ads, they won’t approve you, so remove all other networks that you have on your blog but you can add them later after approval.

6.Four important pages

For your blog to able to qualify for AdSense you should have the following page, in fact, if you check their official blog they have clearly stated this, so create the following pages: About us. Contact us, Privacy policy and disclaimer

7.Enough Traffic

They say content is king, yes but Traffic matters, if you blog is not getting adequate organic traffic then even getting AdSense won’t have any effect on your blog, in short, you won’t earn anything talking from experience. AdSense does not clearly state the number of web visitors one should be having to get approval, so work on creating unique content, which will eventually increase web visitors…

So that’s it, if you apply these tips on your blog, you should be able to get AdSense approval because I used the same exact tip and it works for me.